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America Graffiti: the Americana food revolution

Riccardo La Corte had two great passions in life: cooking and rockabilly. In 2008 he opened his first American-style diner in Forlì.

“I grew up listening to Elvis while attending cookery school. I’d always dreamed of becoming a chef and opening my own restaurant.

“After several trips to the US, driving the state routes and backroads, I returned to Italy to fulfil my childhood dream.

“I opened America Graffiti for all my rockabilly friends – a place where we could listen to music and organise live events.

“Back then and still today, each guest is treated to an authentic 1950s experience. I guess that’s why they call us the rock ‘n’ roll restaurant.

“I received so many requests for franchising that it became a natural evolution for America Graffiti. 

“We now have 70 branches. My dream is for America Graffiti to open 100 branches in Italy by 2018 and to open a restaurant abroad.

“In Italy I’ve seen an evolution of food tastes so that despite our strong local culture, world food has made a huge impact, especially burgers and ‘Americana'”.

Riccardo runs America Graffiti with his brother Fabio La Corte, Stefano Landi and Giordano Emendatori. You can learn more about America Graffiti at


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